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New Products

Nixon Mine Cable Supply, Inc. has developed LONGWALL BUTLER SYSTEM (LBS) a custom electronic control for Longwall Roof Supports (Shields).  Our engineering efforts have resulted in a design that meets customer performance requirements, industry safety standards and passes savings on to our customers. 


LBS Features:

  • ATEX Certification

  • Ease of Operation

  • Infrared Shear Initiation

  • Simplicity of Functions


 LBS Components Included: 

Central Computer & Display



  • Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Housing

  • Backlit TFT LED Display

  • 800 x 600 Display

  • Remote Communication Ability

  • Solid State Disc-less Hard Drive for Greater Reliability

  • Dedicated to Longwall Only

  • Window CE

  • .NET application 


Shield Butler Unit (SBU)




  • 21 Keys

  • 14 Functions

  • 4 Inputs

  • Boot Loader for Software Upgrades 

  • Explosion Proof Housing


Infra-Red Transmitter (IRT)




  • Controls Shearer Initiation

  • Intrinsically Safe Enclosure

  • Light Weight

  • Compact Design for Ease of Installation 


Removeable Control Module (RCM)



  • Simplifies System Diagnostics

  • Light Weight

  • IP 68 Protection

  • Custom Cable Length for Ease of Operation

Additional Components:

  • Cables

  • Junction Boxes